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Simply put, Chiropractic care is hands-on/manual care. Soft tissue work, trigger point release, adjustments, mobilizations, active release, and more.
Primarily intended to decrease symptoms and return normal tone in body tissues.
Hands on techniques provide a tool box for your practitoner, and in every case, the appropriate treatments are selected for each patient. 

Chiropractic Care


Originally based in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Mechanic is trained in Functional Integrated Acupuncture, which is a blend of Chinese medicine with modern medical acupuncture components. Sterilized, thin metal needles are used to stimulate healing in the body. 

Electroacupuncture can also be used in appropriate candidates. 

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy consists of gentle suction applied to specific points in the body for fascial changes, and improved circulation.

Dr. Mechanic received her certification in cupping therapy techniques in 2017 and has since found it an incredibly effective adjunct to care for a wide variety of conditions.

*Note: Dr. Mechanic does not practice cupping with fire. 

Exercise Programs

Exercise programs are targeted at improving your function, preventing injury or injury reoccurrence, and your health goals. After an assessment, tailored plans are designed for independent home care, or to be done in the clinic together.
Special attention is given to create reasonable, and achievable plans for your needs, equipment available, and not overwhelming, or overloading you. 

Pregnancy & Post Natal Care

(Webster Technique & GrowCo)

From bump to baby!
Treatment through pregnancy is unique, as pregnancy is much more to your body than just a growing belly.
Dr. Mechanic is trained in pregnancy care, and certified in Webster Technique. She has made this a focus of her practice, and continues to stay up to date on the latest research and treatments to make this time in your life more comfortable. 

Pediatric Care

Kids are not just tiny adults. They come with their own complex patterns and needs!
Find Dr. Mechanic with the team at Kidcrew Medical with an entire practice devoted to bumps, babies, kids (at every stage), and adolescents!
Dr. Mechanic’s practice at Kidcrew has a large focus on collaborative multidisciplinary medicine, so that your child can benefit from all resources available.  

Headaches, Face
and Jaw pain


Another focus of her practice, Dr. Mechanic has trained, and continues to train in jaw, headaches, and facial pain. Using latest research, and techniques, and continued collaboration with medical professionals across many different specialties in this field, treatment is aimed at symptomatic relief and functional improvements to minimize reoccurance. 

Shockwave Therapy

Using sound waves at specific frequencies, Shockwave therapy is a strong choice in stubborn pain.
Shock waves penetrate beneath the outer layers of tissue, and and break up adhesions, calcifications, scar tissue, and restrictions.
Shockwave has been effective with Tennis & Golfers Elbow, shoulder pain, hip issues, musculoskeletal pain in the back or limbs, plantar fascia issues (foot trouble), and much more. 


Rehab work is team work.

Post injury, post surgery, or any trauma affecting your function, it’s important to create a strong foundation with a carefully crafted plan.
Rehabilitation work is unique for every patient based on their rehab needs, and tolerance. 


Coming soon!


All Chiropractors are trained in nutrition counselling and planning. Taking a look at your eating habits, and health goals surrounding food is a great way to get a plan in place.
Nutrition needs change during injury, stress, pregnancy, childhood, as fitness and health goals change, and other periods of time. Addressing these needs during these times allows the body to work it’s best. 


Custom fit orthotics are made to address specific patient needs using casting, and gait scanning. 

Custom Orthotics can be helpful with back, hip, knee, foot, pelvis, symptoms, walking pain, imbalance, mechanical dysfunction, and more. 

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