Why a Blog?

After writing for the CJN (The Canadian Jewish News) for the past two years, I decided to branch out and take a more personal approach to the health topics I’d been covering.

Writing with the intention of education has always been a passion, and helping patients learn their body’s language is key. One of my favourite aspects of every patient interaction, is seeing a the facial expression when it clicks, and one finally understands what their body is trying to tell them. Followed closely by creating the plan and approach to make things better.

With my patients, I hear a lot of things that make me want more information, on a wide variety of topics, which leads me to teach myself new things. In many cases, I’m surprised by what I find, and want to share with others. For example: this article on bacteria and probiotics, which stemmed from a patient question after seeing an ad for a skincare line with probiotics in the formula.

In this space, every blog post, and every article has a story or question behind it. 

If there are any topics you’ve been wondering about, or you’d like to see, learn about, or understand better, don’t hesitate to reach out and connect. You can also head over to my “In The Media” page for my articles which also cover a wide array of subjects.

Looking forward to learning something new with you!

In health,

Dr. Deborah Mechanic is a chiropractor,
and health writer practising in Toronto.
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Disclaimer: All blog posts on this page are intended information and education only and not advice. If visitors need medical advice or attention, please consult your medical doctor or other medical professional. 


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