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The COVID-19 Infodemic.

Spotting "fake news" in a world wide pandemic, and where to get credible information

A Medicine Cabinet Full of ...Tea?

Maybe the cure you're looking for is right inside your pantry.

Be a Warrior Not a Worrier

Can Martial Arts help you? Dr. Mechanic is with Joel Gelfand discussing martial arts rise in popularity, and it's necessity in the community.

Start the Year with the New Canadian Food Guide

What does it say? How is it different than previous guides? Using it to your advantage.

The Posture Paradox

Is there such a good thing as "good" posture, and is it really that good for you?

Hand Washing or Sanitizing?

What does the research say about how effective the options are, and which is the better choice?

Are Plant Based Meats Really a Healthier Alternative?

Eating a plant based diet is healthy. But is the rise in Plant Based foods, as healthy as it seems?

High Holiday Bloating?
Try Some Yoga

Can these yoga poses help reduce your bloat and discomfort?

Your Headache May be Coming From an Unexpected Source

Talking all things trigger points, and the reason you can't find the source of your pain.

When Does Food Really Go Bad?

What's the real deal with expiry and best before dates?

Concussions Don't Only Occur From a Blow to the Head

Concussion research is fast changing. Find up to date info in this article.

Can Sleep Affect Your Health

What are the factors that determine if you're getting enough sleep, and how do they affect your life?

Spice up Your Spring

Spices and Herbs to stock your pantry to help with seasonal allergies.

Tefillin: A Treatment for Mental Health?

Is it possible that tefillin is more than meets the eye?

Bacteria Can be Both the Body's Friend and Foe

Can Bacteria actually improve your health? Read on for a few different ways that bacteria can help with skin, health, and digestion

Tackling Jet Lag and Other Flight Related Health Issues

Tips and tricks for minimizing your struggle with travel related health concerns.

Add These Tricks to Your Work Routine to Boost Your Health

Is your work day the healthiest it can be?

Magensium is More than Just the Latest Health Fad

A look at Magnesium. Is it just another trend or does it have noticeable benefits that might help you?

Understanding Pain and How to Deal with it

Dr. Deborah Mechanic discusses why we experience pain, and some things you can do to help alleviate it.

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